How to Sound Design

Learn how to sound design with Krotos – the go-to place for tips, tricks, techniques, free SFX and beyond. Each entry is done for a specific use case. We cover everything from animals, combat, room tones, ambience, vehicles and many more use cases that sound designers face every day. Learn how to design for all these elements, and many more to come. Want to make a request for a tutorial? get in touch with us and we will make a useful and efficient tutorial!

These how-to sound design tutorials explore these methods through traditional sound design methods – drag and drop, file layering, fx processing – as well as demonstrate how you can make your sound design process quicker, easier and much more fun with Krotos plugins. We aim to be innovative with all of our software, and we look to improve your workflow based on use cases we have heard from sound designers and sound effects editors from Hollywood studios through to freelancer post-production specialists.

We have tutorials for Weaponiser, Igniter, Reformer Pro, Concept, Dehumaniser 2, as well as a ton of our own libraries, so if you are a Krotos customer we have plenty of content for you to try for yourself and get stuck into. And if you’re not a krotos customer yet? don’t worry! our tutorials and articles cover sound designing without krotos plugins, so you can try these methods in pro tools, logic, Ableton, reaper, studio one or any other sound design environment. so get stuck in and start creating awesome sounds!