Free SFX Collection by Krotos: Elevate Your Productions with Libraries of Royalty-Free Sound Effects

Sound is a pivotal component of any multimedia project. Whether it’s video, gaming, or interactive media, sound effects breathe life into your creations, making them more immersive and memorable. Dive into Krotos’ Free SFX Collection, featuring an extensive library of high-quality sounds, expertly crafted to suit a myriad of needs.

All sound effects provided in this collection have been meticulously designed by the Krotos team, ensuring professional-grade quality. You’re not just downloading sounds; you’re accessing a world of auditory experiences.

Whoosh SFX Pack

Transition effortlessly between scenes or give your title cards a dynamic flair with our Whoosh SFX. This pack contains sounds ranging from sharp, swift whooshes to elongated, dramatic swooshes, ensuring you have the perfect effect for every scenario.

→ Download Now: Royalty-Free Whoosh SFX

Mechanical Sounds SFX Pack

Add depth to your machines, robots, and mechanical scenes with this diverse collection of mechanical sound effects. From the hum of an engine to the click of gears, capture the essence of machinery.

→ Download Now: Mechanical Sounds SFX

How can I Create my Own Sound Effects?

Crafting bespoke sound effects from scratch can be daunting, with many creators struggling to achieve the perfect sound.

Enter Krotos Studio: your solution to this challenge. Experience the power of Krotos Studio, where you can create your own unique, high-quality, Hollywood grade sound effects.

Checkout how you can generate Trailer Boom sound effects that are unique to your project in seconds, and hear your stories come alive like never before.

Immerse your audience in cinematic brilliance with tailor-made trailer booms, impacts, and other sound effects. Each sound is distinct, ensuring your videos differ and never repeat, it is 100% royalty-free so you can focus on creativity without fretting over copyright issues. Get Krotos Studio, it’s FREE!

Water Sounds SFX Pack

Dive into the serene world of water with sounds of dripping taps, gushing waterfalls, gentle streams, and more. Perfect for nature documentaries, fantasy settings, or any project needing aquatic ambiance.

→ Download Now: Water Sound Effects Pack

Toy Guns Foley SFX Pack

Add realism to your playful scenes with the distinct sounds of toy guns. From the click of the trigger to the pop of the cap, this pack captures the joyous essence of playtime.

→ Download Now: Toy Guns Foley Sound Effects Pack


Polystyrene Foley SFX

Experience the unique and versatile sounds of polystyrene. This pack captures everything from the squeaky rub to the crunch of breaking, perfect for adding a tactile feel to your projects.

→ Download Now: Polystyrene Foley Sound Effects


Dark Drones Sounds SFX Pack

Delve into the mysterious and eerie world of dark drones. Ideal for suspense, horror, and atmospheric moments, this pack ensures your audience is on the edge of their seats.

→ Download Now: Dark Drones Sound Effects


Rock Foley SFX

Bring the raw essence of nature to your projects with the unmistakable sounds of rocks. From tumbling stones to the clink of pebbles, immerse your audience in earthy ambience.

→ Download Now: Rock Foley Sound Effects


Surface Foley SFX

Every surface has a story to tell. Capture the distinct sounds of various surfaces, from the rustle of leaves to the tap on metal. A must-have for detailed sound design.

→ Download Now: Surface Foley Sound Effects


Cyber Futures Sound Effects

Step into the future with sounds crafted for cybernetic worlds and advanced technologies. Perfect for sci-fi projects or futuristic themes.

→ Download Now: Cyber Futures SFX


Beasty and Animal Growls Sound Effects

Unleash the beasts with this collection of ferocious growls and roars. Whether it’s mythical creatures or real-world animals, this pack has the growl you need.

→ Download Now: Beastly Growls SFX


Parrot Sounds SFX Pack

Brighten your projects with the vibrant and varied sounds of parrots. From playful squawks to melodic songs, bring a touch of the tropics to your audio.

→ Download Now: Parrot Sounds SFX

Fruit & Vegetables Foley Sound Effects

Delight in the juicy crunch of apples or the soft squish of tomatoes. This pack is perfect for kitchen scenes, cooking shows, or any project that needs a touch of fresh produce.

→ Download Now: Fruit & Veg Foley SFX

Metal Sound SFX Pack

Embrace the clang, rattle, and resonance of metal in all its forms. From the ding of a bell to the clash of swords, metal sounds are versatile and impactful.

→ Download Now: Metal Sound Effects Library

Smashing Glass SFX

Capture the dramatic moment of shattering glass. Perfect for action scenes, dramatic moments, or simply to emphasize a pivotal point in your narrative.

→ Download Now: Smashing Glass Sound Effects

Wood Sound SFX

From the creak of old floorboards to the chop of an axe, wood has a rich sonic palette. This collection brings the warmth and versatility of wood to your fingertips.

→ Download Now: Wood SFX Library

Fabric Foley Sound Effects

Step into the world of everyday fabric sounds. Whether it’s the rustle of clothing, denim, nylon, plastic, wool and more. Foley sounds add realism and a sense of movement to any project.

→ Download Now: Fabric Foley SFX Collection


Mechanical Sound Effects

Bring machines to life with a range of mechanical sounds. Perfect for scenes involving machinery, engines, or any project that requires the hum of mechanics.

→ Download Now: Mechanical SFX Collection

Space Travel SFX Pack

Journey through the cosmos with ethereal and otherworldly space sounds. From the hum of spaceships to the mysteries of distant galaxies, transport your audience to another dimension.

→ Download Now: Space Travel Sounds Effects Library

Firearms SFX Pack

Elevate action-packed moments with authentic firearm sound effects. From the cocking of a gun to the thunderous blast of a cannon, make every shot count.

→ Download Now: Firearms Sound Effect Collection