“Two Worlds” How-To Series:

Easy Animal Vocalisations with Reformer Pro

Sound design builds the world around a scene to tell its story, carry its emotion, and make it believable. Whether we’re establishing realistic character in a familiar setting, moving through the depths of otherworlds, or transporting ourselves into historical eras of the past – there are certain common characteristics and situations that arise in any number of projects.

The ‘Two Worlds’ video tutorials tackle a common theme or situation, set it in two opposing worlds. Whether you’re building atmospheric textures for an eerie setting, or bringing realism to a nature documentary; a spaceship drifting through time and space, or a family car stuck in a traffic-jam – no matter what the challenge, learn how you can complete any scene quickly and easily using Krotos software and libraries.

Animal Vocalisations with Reformer Pro

The first video of the series covers natural animal vocalisation. There are countless examples of animal vocalisations, and giving animals a realistic voice can often be a challenge. In this quick tutorial, we demonstrate how to quickly capture a dog’s growl, alongside a more unique example of an action-packed snapping crocodile in no time!

Using Reformer Pro’s built-in library to design a dog bark and growl

Our dog video features an excitable dog, which will need plenty of breathing and growling captured. For this, we’ve recorded a quick vocal take using a microphone while performing along to the dog. As simple as that!

Reformer Pro comes with 3.8 GB of factory assets included, so we were able to pick a suitable animalistic library from here. Once you’ve selected your library, tweak it further in Reformer Pro’s extended view, where you can find several different takes of the sound. For this dog growl, the cleanest samples were most suitable, so we’ve muted the rest to let the plugin only playback our selection.

With a bit of tweaking, we’ve designed our dog growl effortlessly using just Reformer Pro and our voice!

Importing your own libraries to design a gator’s snapping sound

In the gator footage depicts one long jumping snap growl, in need of some impactful sound design! For this more unusual creature, our Reformer Pro library didn’t quite cover what we needed. If you don’t find a suitable library for your project in Reformer Pro, you can very easily import any sound of your own!

Libraries can be imported using Reformer Pro’s Analysis Tool. Simply drag your own library into the plugin, select the sample rates you want the library to perform at inside your DAW. Your files are then analysed by the software and instantly turned into a library that can be performed just like a Reformer Pro Library.

For this gator, we’ve imported a selection of three files: a bellow, a single bellow, and a gator hiss, which are blended together to achieve that monstrous gator sound.  Once ready, simply perform along to your footage in real-time to capture your creature sound!

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