Sound Design Tutorial:Achieve the best creature sound effects

Sound designer Thomas Boykin shows you his tips & tricks for achieving awesome creature sounds by combining Dehumaniser 2 and Reformer Pro in his workflow.

In this tutorial, Thomas explores delivering great organic monster sounds with Dehumaniser 2, and the importance of voice-over performance.

Reformer Pro is then brought into the project to sweeten the creature sound effects and adding animal growls.

The cool thing about Krotos is that they have tools that are really nice for manipulating things in real-time, or performing through them. I found that anytime I can perform something, be it with my hands or voice, the end product just ends up being a lot better because it becomes a performance.When I get a project with creatures, I try not to just cut stuff from a library or field recordings. Pigs are kind of the the cliche sound you use for monsters, and you can use bears and elephants and seals and all kinds of stuff, which is great but for something like a zombie or something that is played by an actor, it can be nice to just perform it with your voice and then sculpt that sound with one of these tools.”– Thomas Boykin

Dehumaniser 2

From creatures and monsters to processing subtle vocal dialogue, jump right into your creative work and create unique and varied vocal sound design treatments in an instant.Start your free trial and experience the power of Dehumaniser 2 in action!

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Reformer Pro

Reformer Pro offers you new ways to interact with sound, directly in your DAW. Bring your sound effects to life in real-time and explore a performable approach to sound design.Design Foley, textures, animals, Sci-Fi effects, impact sounds, and much, much more!

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