Create a gory stabbing sound effect from whoosh, impact and vegetable sounds

Stabbing sound effects are easy and straightforward to create once you have an idea of the types of layers that are required.

The knife stab sound effect we create below is made of four stages, an initial whoosh for the momentum of the knife swing, an impact sound, and some crunchy vegetable sounds for the more gruesome aspects.

Trigger Warning: Gore sound effects can be quite unsettling to create and listen to, especially when they start to sound detailed and realistic. Please bear this in mind when watching this tutorial if you are sensitive or squeamish to these kinds of sounds.

Start with a Whoosh Layer

This whoosh layer is used for the momentum of the swing of knife swing and is a short, fast whooshing sound. We add these layers to the ‘onset’ engine in Weaponiser.

Add Impact Layers

This layer is a low-mid sound effect, and is a recording of a punch from a Boxing glove. this makes the resulting impact of the stab more bassy and intense.

Dial up the Gruesome with Gory Layers

These sounds add the ‘ewww’ factor to the sound. You can use anything that is squelchy, crunchy to make these sounds, but common sound effects used are Crunchy fruit and veg Foley, such as celery & watermelon.

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