In this video, we’re going to take a look at sound designing a fencing scene using the Krotos Starter Sound Effects Library. The Starter Library is an all-rounder containing 10.5GB of around 4000 professional and royalty free sound effects.

Here’s the sound designed scene

This go-to collection of sound resources is a perfect companion for those starting out in sound design, or anyone looking to expand their existing collection with an affordable SFX pack for post-production and game audio. Ideal for anyone looking to get quick and great-sounding results.

Here’s how we approached the sound design of this fast-paced fencing scene

In this fencing scene, the Foley sounds effects folder came in very useful. We used sounds like backpack movement and leather jacket movement, and combined them with some of the surface sounds to build up a convincing sound of the fencers’ movement. For the movement of the fencing blade, we explored all kinds of whoosh sounds such as airy whistles, whips sounds, and magic spell sound effects. Adding the sound of carpet boots which match the scene well.

Take a look at this 2-minute video showing the project in the DAW.

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Julian Michel - Composer and Sound Designer

Thank you to Julian for creating these videos on behalf of Krotos.Julian M. MichelComposer | Sound