Weaponiser: Your Secret Sound Design Weapon

Weaponiser is an inspiring audio layering solution that allows you to design, customise, and perform a huge range of sound effects in real-time – all from within one plugin.

Navigate a comprehensive range of built-in factory assets to layer, sequence and design unique sounds with ease. Customise and create endless variations to your sound effects instantly, and use MIDI and automation to programme or perform your variations with speed and precision.

Weaponiser comes in two versions: Basic lets you get started with a light selection of assets, and Fully Loaded offers an extensive range of included libraries covering Weapons, Footsteps, Magic, Trailers, Whooshes and User Interface sounds.

Choose the perfect version for you, or download a free 10 day demo!


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1327 Weapon Samples

31 Whooshes Samples

33 Trailers Samples

85 Magic Samples

68 User Interface Samples

106 Footsteps Samples

1650 TOTAL


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6287 Weapon Samples

574 Whooshes Samples

178 Trailers Samples

476 Magic Samples

346 User Interface Samples

1885 Footsteps Samples

9746 TOTAL

New to Weaponiser? Try a free demo!

All Krotos software is available for a free 10 day trial. The demo features a light selection of presets and assets to test out in the software.