Krotos x Pro Sound Effects Animals Bundle

Krotos and Pro Sound Effects have teamed up to bring you a special, limited-edition sound design package. The ‘Reformer Pro Animals Bundle’ comes with Reformer Pro, the award-winning Krotos plugin that lets you design, automate and perform any sound effect in real-time. Combine this with a huge variety of animal sounds from Pro Sound Effects, and you’ve got yourself an incredibly powerful set of creative sound design resources – all at fantastic value!

Want to learn how this bundle can be put to use to design incredibly unique creature sound effects? Watch our new tutorial to see how it’s done.

Tutorial: Using the Pro Sound Effects Animals Bundle in Reformer Pro

Sound designer Dan Bieranowski (Mystic Frequency) talks you through his process for using the Pro Sound Effects Animals Bundle in Reformer Pro to create a variety of animal and creature vocalisations.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how you import the PSE libraries, how to blend them together to design completely unique animal sound effects instantly, and how you can do this simply by using your voice to perform your sounds in real-time. Dan also shows how you can use Reformer Pro and the Animals Bundle mixed in over a drum loop to find creative and inspiring ways to shape your sound.

Reformer Pro Animals Bundle

Krotos Reformer Pro & Pro Sound Effects Animals Bundle

Ready to give it a try? Get the Pro Sound Effects Animals Bundle free when you buy Reformer Pro for a limited-time only*. Or try a free 10 day Reformer Pro demo to try it for yourself.

*This offer is exclusively available at Krotos until August 29th 2019 – don’t miss out!

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