In the Studio with: James David Redding III

James David Redding III has been working in audio post-production in NYC for 20+ years with credits in feature films (Carol, The Good Liar, Hustlers, and Aardvark), television series (The Americans, City on a Hill, The Queen’s Gambit, and 30 Rock), documentaries (MLK/FBI, No End in Sight, and For They Know Not What They Do). His roles have spanned from re-recording mixer to dialog editor, to sound designer and sound effects editor.

As an adjunct professor at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, James shares his knowledge and energy for sound with the next generation of the craft.

Designing Robot Sound Effects with Igniter

James David Redding III took the time to walk us through a project to demonstrate how he uses Igniter for more than just vehicle sounds!

For a recent client advertising project, James was tasked with designing sound effects for a robot prototype, which doesn’t actually exist yet in the real world. The automated robot depicted in the advert is designed to remove car batteries from electric vehicles, so a little imagination as to what this should sound like was required.

The robot needed to sound smooth, sleek, and automatic, featuring an unlock sound, a slide forward, and it’s final ‘lock-in place’. A project like this lends itself perfectly to Igniter. With a little resourcefulness and creativity added in, it’s amazing to see what our users come up with!

Watch the video to learn how James designed the entire robot scene, and learn new tips and tricks on getting the most out of Igniter!

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Why Igniter?

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