Dehumaniser Simple Monsters

Create Extreme Character Voices in Real-Time

Now you can bring versatility and differentiation to your characters’ voices without sacrificing your weekly schedule.

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Dehumaniser Simple Monsters is the fastest and easiest way to create extreme vocal effects for movies, music, games and animation.

Struggling to create terrifying monster sounds or extreme metal vocals with ease and simplicity? Maybe you just want to record angry animal sounds without the risk? Or perhaps you’d like to add a unique edge to your vocal production without using loads of different plugins? Dehumaniser Simple Monsters is your solution.

Unleash the Beast in your game-audio, post-production, or music project!

  • Create totally unique vocal effects for your project – ideal for adding a dark and experimental edge to your music production
  • Design creature and monster sounds super quick – perfect for sound designers, animators and games designers
  • Design characters and unusual dialogue effects with ease – the ideal solution for voice artists looking to make an impact
  • Process any sample or instrument with Simple Monsters to mangle and distort in totally original ways – works well with drums.
  • Control remotely with TouchOSC integration – Take control of parameters from your iOS or android device while you perform!

Dream up your vocalisations in a matter of seconds

Simple Monsters takes a simplified design approach to Dehumaniser 2’s technology, packing it into a simple but powerful user interface. Using only a collection of sliders and assignable X/Y pads, a huge variety of sounds can be coaxed from the plugin to create realistic monsters in a matter of seconds.





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“Simple Monsters is a fun and brilliant approach to monster and creature sound creation. It starts with the core sound of any given patch, which has a number of rather unusual controls. Size, Fury, Age, Character and Wildness allow variation in output that varies rather differently based on the specific sound selected, and they are all quite interactive. DSM appears to introduce noise, randomness and pitch changes to create what truly sounds like alien wildness, or creature fury, or mutant age … or at least what I imagine such things to sound like.”

Get Started with 35 Presets

Simple Monster’s starter presets are organised into ‘Dialogue’, ‘Sci-fi’, ‘Growls and Roars’ libraries.Whether you’re making a gremlin or a god, our presets are designed to provide inspiration and cut setup time out of your workflow!

  • 36 presets
  • 5 dynamic parameters
  • 6 sliders / 2 XY Pads
  • Multiple FX modules ‘under the hood’ of the plugin
  • 48 animal sounds to use the Scrubbing Convolution Module

Experience the power of Dehumaniser Simple Monsters in action

Dehumaniser Simple Monsters is available to try for free with a 10 day trial.

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You save $60.00 (51%)

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Generate and perform directly into your project, instantly and easily.

  • 5 dynamic parameters and a sample scrubbing function allow you to quickly and easily design sounds for any sort of monster
  • Pick between a slider layout or X/Y Pads interface
  • Assign elements to each axis to explore the processing differently, coaxing unpredictable results from the plugin, or maximise responsiveness during performance
Read the Review

“Simple Monsters is a great tool for those wanting to create creature vocalisations, and most importantly have fun while doing it. It has very little barriers to creativity, with just enough customisation for ‘simple monster’ tasks. The hands on experience and experimentation is a testament to the innovation Krotos offer to Sound Designers. The plugin can also be used in some extra wacky ways to create glitchy textures.”

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Dehumaniser Simple Monsters
Ideal for: sound professionals looking for an entry point to create creature vocalisations in a matter of seconds.
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You save $60.00 (51%)


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Ideal for: sound professionals who want to cover a range of use cases. From terrifying monsters to realistic Foley, mind-blowing explosions to tire screeching vehicles.
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Why not try Dehumaniser Simple Monsters?

Dehumaniser Simple Monsters is available to try for free with a 10 day trial.

Technical Specifications

Additional Features

  • Processing up to 192kHz/24 bit
  • Solo scrubbing playback
  • Save and recall Presets

Control Parameters

  • Size
  • Fury
  • Age
  • Wildness
  • Character

System Requirements

  • Mac Intel computer with a minimum of 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • OS X 10.13 or later
  • OS X Monterey is supported
  • 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Windows 10 or above

Other Information

  • This software is a digital download
  • Formats (64-bit): AAX Native/AudioSuite, VST, AU
  • Minimum sample rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Maximum sample rate: 192 kHz
  • An internet connection is required at the time of activation
  • An iLok account (available for free at is required to activate and use both the demo and full version of the software
  • Dehumaniser Simple Monsters can only be activated on one computer at a time
  • An iLok 2 or later is required for dongle use
  • Supported host applications: Pro Tools (11 or later), Logic Pro X, Nuendo, Live, Cubase, Reaper
  • TouchOSC License is not included
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