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Perform Sound Effects in Real-Time

Design, automate, and perform sound effects in real-time. You do your best sound design work when you get the right sound from your head in sync with the scene. Reformer Pro offers a new and intuitive way of designing sound, helping you achieve this as quickly as you can think it.

Discover inspirational ways to refine your sound design workflow. Reformer Pro’s patented technology allows you to quickly perform Foley, add textures, and easily replace any sound, saving you hours of editing time.

Grab a Microphone or MIDI, and Sync to Screen Instantly!

A Real-time Foley Stage in your DAW

Perform your Foley, animal, sci-fi or impact sound effects instantly and intuitively within your DAW, saving you hours of editing. Easily capture subtle movement and nuance that elevate your project’s quality.

Maximise your Sound Design Workflow

Reformer Pro’s award-winning patented technology allows you to quickly add textures, easily replace any sound and discover inspirational new ways to maximise your sound design workflow.

Import your Existing SFX Libraries

Analyse your own recordings and sound effects using Reformer Pro’s Analysis Tool, revitalising and reforming them into performable assets.

Includes Over 2 GB of Sounds Effects to Get You Started

Reformer Pro ships with the Krotos Bundle, a full collection of over 2 GB of high quality and versatile sounds. Get the full Krotos Reformer Pro Library experience in one package and explore our SFX libraries at an unbeatable price. Choose from more than 1,100 files of ready-to-use, high-end sound effects, curated and recorded by our fantastic team of sound designers.


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Reformer Pro is my go-to-tool for quickly creating new fx layers, and unique combinations and sweeteners. I really like how it allows me to try out new ideas and achieve usable results without losing my creative flow or getting bogged down in technicalities and setup time.”

– Angelo Palazzo  (Sound Designer)
Frozen 2, Stranger Things 3, Star Trek, From Dusk Til Dawn, Alita: Battle Angel

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Turn your sound libraries into a performable sound palette

  • Switch between an audio input and Dynamic Input for different ways of interacting with your own libraries
  • Use a microphone, automation or midi to control your libraries
  • Perform impacts and add extra definition using our unique Transient Engine
  • Trigger transients directly, based on frequency via velocity-sensitive midi input
  • Add variation quickly and easily

Blend and control up to four libraries in real-time with the X/Y pad

  • Perform to picture in real-time and achieve seamlessly synced, sculpted results
  • Render single shots or set up automation to create audio that evolves with your scene

Perform sound libraries in real-time

  • Analyse your own libraries, packs, and collections for use in Reformer Pro with our Analysis Tool
  • Include up to 1 GB of samples in every Reformer Pro library that you create
  • Draw from a broad and diverse library or aim for consistency and focus with micro libraries
  • Analyse at the sample rate that’s ideal for you

Replace or add texture to pre-recorded audio in your DAW

  • Create constantly evolving sounds using ‘continuous mode’ – perfect for environmental effects or electronic textures
  • Combine with Extended Library View for a comprehensive range of results from a single library

Trusted as the go-to sound design software

Reformer Pro is used widely in movies, TV, and games. Here are some projects that use Reformer Pro:

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Technical Specifications

System Requirements


  • Mac Intel computer with a minimum of 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • OS X 10.13 or later


  • 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Windows 10 and above

Supported Host Applications

  • Pro Tools (10.3.5 and above)
  • Reaper
  • Logic Pro X
  • Nuendo (7 and above)
  • Cubase (8 and above)
  • Ableton Live (9 and above)


Other Information

  • This software is a digital download
  • Formats (64-bit only): AAX Native/AudioSuite, VST, AU
  • Minimum sample rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Maximum sample rate: 192 kHz
  • RTAS is not supported
  • An iLok account (available for free at is required to activate and use the software
  • An iLok 2 or later is required for dongle use

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“Reformer Pro is a clever tool for sweetening things. The thing I love about it is that it generates sounds without much manual attendance, or editing on my part. It’s great when you know a sound needs a little something extra, and you need it fast!”

– David Farmer (Skywalker Sound)
Avengers: End Game, Ant-Man, Lord of the Rings, Thor: Ragnarok

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