“I use almost all of the Krotos Audio software for many of my projects. Krotos make such great tools for building sonic gestures quickly. I love the UI’s and the built in libraries are wonderful. Its perfect for people like me who need tools to give them results very quickly that is of high quality.”


Sound Designer

Google, Valhalla, 120 days

“I must say that Weaponiser is my favourite tool in the bundle. It has so many great features and uses but for me it is most useful for getting things done quickly without giving up creativity and quality. If you ever find yourself struggling over a tedious and repetitive sound editing task….. just Weaponise It!”


Sound Designer

Frozen Ground, Feast, Stuck in Love, White Bird in a Blizard

“Using Igniter on Xenon Racer gave us a new universe of “sound textures”. Layering realistic samples with synth tunes really improved our production pipeline and helped creating great hybrid vehicle sound.”


Audio Director and Sound Designer


“Igniter is a game changer! I’ve been waiting for something like this for years!”


Sound Designer/Supervisor, Foley artist, Field Recordist, Music Producer

Kin, Dirty Lies, The Storming and Refuge

“You can put your mics away – this is a one stop motor shop for all your engine needs! Finally, I can drive like a lunatic and not need a seatbelt. Krotos does it again… bye bye library, hello Igniter! Thank you, Krotos!”


Echo VR

“Igniter is magical. Cutting revs and piecing together vehicle content to fit a scene can be very time consuming and there are always compromises. Driving the vehicle with a MIDI controller, performing to picture, is a much faster and more intuitive approach to building scenes like this. I’ll be using this a lot!”


Sound Designer

Call of Duty, Black Ops3, Call of Duty WWII

“Instant awesome! Forever in my toolbox. Dehumaniser helped me to generate sounds for the latest Hedgehog game, Sonic Boom, and is an inspiration for future projects. Tools like this come out about once every decade. So much fun!”


Audio Designer, Director

Silent Hill & Assassin’s Creed

“Really impressed with Reformer Pro. Looks fun to play with!”


Music Producer

Throwing Snow, Snow Ghosts, Heathen Rites, Alight, Everything Falls Apart, Houndstooth, Fabric

“Reformer Pro perfectly meshes the worlds of musicians and sound designers into an incredibly powerful, user friendly and inspiration tool that lets me explore avenues of programming that would have been too laborious to ever consider. It’s a radical and exciting development for music programmers and is becoming a regular part of my workflow.”


Musician, Engineer, Producer

Mark Ronson, Noel Gallagher, Paloma Faith, Lily Allen, Pulp, The Prodigy, Jack Savoretti

“Weaponiser is an amazing tool for designing both sci-fi and terrestrial weaponary. Another Krotos plugin I use a lot is Reformer Pro, but again I came to a process of using it that may not be its original intention. I like to use it to add layers and sweeteners to sounds, using the source as the basis of the amplitude envelope and then automating the position between custom libraries to create a variety of textural overtones that’s great for a variety of purposes.”


Sound Designer/Supervisor, Foley artist, Field Recordist, Music Producer

Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Kin, The Storming, Refuge and Planet Mu

“OMG!!! Finally got a day to play with Reformer Pro!! IT’S UNBELIEVABLE!!! I think it’s extraordinarily amazing!!”


UK Beatbox Champion, Music Technologist, Musician, Engineer, Producer

“Dehumaniser is a really nice “everything in a box” tool that is perfect for creating grunts and screams for those pesky aliens, and comes with a cool set of presets that are an ideal starting point to create your own nightmares.”


Sound designer, Actor and Composer

Serious Sam series, The Talos Principle

“It’s going to sound cliché, but the thing I like most about Krotos software is how innovative it is. I love how much room for experimentation it allows and how fast I can get the results I want.”


Sound designer, Recordist and Composer

Mindful Audio, Door Kickers Action Squad, Wordscapes, game-sounds.com

“My favorite aspect about Weaponiser is the interface. I find it facilitates creativity and makes me want to play with sound design more so than many of my other tools.”


Sound Designer

Barnyard, The Polar Express, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy

“WOW this is incredible.”


Sound Designer

Google and Jaguar

“There is so much that can be done in Weaponiser, I had to keep re-centering myself because I kept discovering features that made me rethink what I just did.”


Sound Designer, Music Producer, Sample and Synth Programmer

Hollywood Edge, Sounds Ideas, Megasonics

“Weaponiser is an amazing tool for designing both sci-fi and terrestrial weaponry.”


Sound Designer

Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Kin, Dirty Lies, The Storming and Refuge

“Reformer gives any audio designer the ability to be a one-person Foley team.”


Director at Solid Audioworks

Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption

“Weaponiser is an extremely cool plugin!”


Sound designer

Call of Duty, Black Ops3, Call of Duty WWII

“Reformer could just as easily be called “Revelation” for me – something that really stands out and is not another mundane tool or passing fad. I was excited to demo Reformer with the Krotos team at Develop, and I can’t wait to dig into all the sonic possibilities. A brilliant first step into a new workflow – I’m excited!”


Senior Vice President at Formosa Group/Interactive

Halo Franchise, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect: Disneyland Adventures, Sunset Overdrive

“Reformer is insanely awesome.


Sound Designer
Game of Thrones

“Instantly, Reformer is a brand new approach and a very creatively inspired tool. I love that I can try out a bunch of new things without having to manually dig up and place sweetener material. Now, THAT’s new! Cool and useful results are easy and fast to come by. It’s an inspiration maker! Way to go Krotos!”


Supervising Sound Editor /
Sound Designer
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – The Hobbit Trilogy – King Kong – Ant-man – Valerian

“Dehumaniser is an incredible tool for creating unique and varied vocal sound design treatments. From animal to alien effects, it is simple to use and easily tailored. The batch function is a real timesaver for processing an entire performance efficiently. I couldn’t have created the voice of Ultron without it!”


Oscar Winner / Re-Recording Mixer
Avengers – Inception – Lord of The Rings

“From the second I first spoke into the mic and heard the output from Reformer, I was very excited. It’s an awesome way to control the sound libraries! Very Cool!!


Supervising Sound Designer
Dead Space –
‘Final Fantasy XIV – Gears of War 3 – Metal Gear Solid

“Were always aware of new software and tools out there its part of the job I guess. I downloaded Dehumaniser prototype last year and had a play with it. It’s got great potential. Your settings are pretty cool, David Farmer and I had a laugh looking through them.”


Sound Designer / Sound Supervisor
Lord of the Rings – The Hobbit – District 9

“Reformer is an entirely new way of approaching sound design – incredibly advanced technology that allows you to instantly focus on the sound you want to create, rather than spending most of your time worrying about the practicalities of sourcing and editing individual assets.

The technology behind Reformer is a real breakthrough – but it’s the simplicity and approachability that really makes it something special. As with Dehumaniser before it, Krotos have taken something complex and made it almost invisible to the user – you simply start creating the sounds you want, and it does all the hard work for you.

Reformer completely transforms sound libraries from a static set of assets, into a dynamic living instrument that you can immediately put to almost any use you can imagine. It was amazing when I first heard it, and the finished product is just mind-blowing – a real breakthrough in how sound designers work with raw assets.”


Former Audio Director
of Rockstar North
GTA V – Max Payne 3 – L.A. Noire – Red Dead Redemption

“Krotos brought their pre-production plugin, to Canongate Studios May 17 for evaluation and wow!

I’ve been in audio studios for 35 years, witnessing the exciting cross over from analogue to digital, seeing many reinvention’s of the wheel by way of reverb, delay, compressions etc. Now at last something here’s a plug in that’s really innovative, that has excited me more then anything since the arrival of AMS or the Lexicon in the 80’s.

When the director asks for a sound a bit like this or a bit like that, you search, hopefully find, measure, fit in, then often end up with something that will do, rather than what’s in their minds eye.

Reformer is helping to unshackle the restrictions of conventional SFX libraries, by literally breathing life into individual sound effects via the mic, like one would do with a vocoder, but much more versatile than that. Enabling unique creations every time, using the director or foley artistes own voice as a trigger to dynamically produce, direct and deliver their own emotion in real time on a specific sound effect.

Roar with the ferociousness of a demon or purr like a pussy cat. ADR your sound effects for animation in real time with ease. Plug in the library that is Black Leopard or Tiger. Robotic or Body sound – suddenly the subtleties, the detail, control and believe-ability are all there at your fingertips or should I say tonsil tips.

Truly something new for Post in audio.”


Canongate Studios Edinburgh / ADR
Star Wars Rogue 1 – Trainspotting 2 – Doctor Who – Guardians of the Galaxy

“I’ve had some time to get to know Dehumaniser Pro, and if it wasn’t so scary I’d consider it my new best friend. This takes voice-changing to an entirely new level. It’s a Hollywood creature-factory on your computer. I love how Dehumaniser can be as deep as you want it to be. The ‘simple’ mode is great fun and gives you quick results – select six voice types and morph between them creating some unique otherworldly creature sounds from anyone’s voice, and of course the presets make things really quick. My first thought was that the presets will make everyone’s monsters sound the same, but in fact they sound different each time depending on the voice you feed into the software. The ‘advanced’ mode though… the fact that you can tweak how the voice changes based on the amplitude of the input is insane. You want to have a monster that is hissy and raspy when it is quiet but erupts into a boomy fire-breathing beast when it is angry? You got it. I bought the Lite version of Dehumaniser and after a few days took the plunge and upgraded to the Pro version. It might all sound a little kiss-ass, but I’m really blown away by the amount of features. Previously I would have had to use a ton of different plugins to try to come close to what Dehumaniser can do, but Dehumaniser contains everything you need in one place and it is fine-tuned to transforming normal human voices (or animals, or anything else) into incredible sounding beasts. It’s really in a league of its own, there is nothing else like it.”


Sound Designer / Dialogue Editor
GTA – L.A. Noire – Red Dead Redemption

“Dehumaniser has been such a treat for me. I love to experiment and play with new sounds and Dehumaniser not only let me throw my own material into it, but it made me laugh out loud with joy at the variation of what I got out of it. Dark and rich, complicated and wonderful, it let me keep the character of my original sounds or jump into totally new directions. The next time you have to create vocal designs, tweak something dark and un-ruly, or just go off on a tangent, Dehumaniser is a fantastic place to start!”


Sound Supervisor / Sound Designer
Black Swan – Resident Evil – Noah

“Reformer is a very inspiring and fun way to use sound libraries. It easily and smoothly blends into audio material, producing more detail or creating interesting sounds with a strong character on a theme the user choses.”


Founder, BOOM Library

“Krotos’ “Reformer” lets you manipulate, play or better “reform” sound effects libraries in a very fresh and intuitive way. No matter if you use it with pre-recorded sounds or in real-time with your voice as manipulator, the results are always great!”


Sound Designer & Founder of SoundBits

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“I was introduced to the Dehumaniser software while developing the sound design for a Warner Bros TV show called “666 Park Ave.” I found it to be a fun tool which produced very usable results. So, when I was offered the opportunity to Supervise and develop the sound design for Sleepy Hollow I thought I would give it a go again. I used it on a demon character in the series we refer to as “Blurry Man.” I processed the actors voice through Dehumaniser and tweaked it until I got the clarity I needed with just the right amount of processing to create a frightening demon voice. I use it now also for whooshes, and ambient textures. Its a great addition to any sound designers toolbox.”


Sound Supervisor / Sound Designer
Sleepy Hollow – 666 Park Avenue

“Dehumaniser is the software have been waiting for for a long time. Working on a lot of SyFy films including the next Sharktopus vs Pteracuda and Sharktopus Vs Mermentulla my monsters are now going to be roaring louder than loud.”


Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer
Mulholland Drive – Twilight

“First and foremost, I have to say that I was so impressed with Reformer. The sonic possibilities with this plugin are immense and I’m tempted to say that it is my favorite Krotos product yet – which is really saying something considering the quality of all the other products. I feel that Reformer is such a unique idea and it has so much to offer to sound designers. It is incredible to have a tool that can yield such interesting and diverse results with very little effort.”


Sound Designer

“After years of creating aliens, trolls and monsters that never quite turned out how I had in my head. I got my hands on one of the most unique tool in monster sound design creation. Dehumaniser is the tool in my arsenal I’ve been missing. This is killer!”


Senior Sound Designer

“I love how I can play any MIDI instrument and insert Reformer as a plugin and modify the sounds. Really great and unique feature!”


Composer / Sound Deisgner
Waveform Studio

“I make imaging so Jingles/Sweepers etc. always need vocal FX and this is brilliant.”


Radio imaging producer at Capital FM

“A few months ago I was hired to create the sound effects for “Kingdom Rush: Frontiers” (a mind blowing tower defense game I strongly recommend) and Dehumaniser really came in handy all the way through. Besides the moans and growls of Ashbite, the dragon hero, and some other creature’s voices, I used it to create layers for rock explosions, avalanches and firebursts. Thanks for sharing such an awsome and versatile tool, I really admire your work.”


Sound Designer
Kingdom Rush

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“I showed Dehumaniser to my colleagues, everybody from sound designers to people from other departments love it! We had a lot of fun running it live with a mic and fooling around making monster voices in the office. Keep up the amazing work! It is an amazing piece of software!”


Audio Designer at Ubisoft Singapore

“I first discovered Dehumaniser in the LinkedIn forums. After seeing how impressive it looked through the demo videos, I showed it to my boss to use for one of Animal Planet’s most popular shows, Finding Bigfoot.We had a lot of fun testing the software and me being the sound editor/designer for the show, I was happy to find that being a female didn’t stop me from sounding like a snarling or ragging beast.”


Sound Designer
Finding Bigfoot

“I found out about Dehumaniser by accident. But as a music composer getting everyday a bit further into the video game industry, I immediately felt that this amazing software would be indispensable. Here are a couple of my first demo works using Dehumaniser:”


Sound Designer

“I’m currently a sound design student at the Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD) and have been using Dehumaniser for nearly two years! It’s has been one of the most fun and useful tools for sound processing I’ve ever worked with and continues to surpass my expectations! It streamlined design makes creating unique “dehumanised” voices easy and it’s real time processing allows for ADR to be a walk in the park! Whether your just looking to have a good time creating monsterous voices or heavily involved in the post sound industry; Dehumaniser is a must have!”


Sound Designer

“Loving Dehumaniser, its also great for running individual SFX hits, impacts, high frequency shimmers etc. learning it can do so much more then process just vocal effects, I am loving the Cross Synthesis, and Scrubbing Convolution on sounds.”


Electronic Musician Sound Designer

“Dehumaniser is stunning. It’s concise, powerful and dauntingly simple. I’ve been using it for atmospherics. It’s STUNNING! Amazing work!”


Musician / Composer