Sound Design Bundle 2 in Action | SWAT promo

From the footsteps crunching on glass to the tension created by the monster’s voice, the full sound design for this promo video was created using only the software and libraries contained in the bundle. Sound Design Bundle 2 is the flagship bundle from Krotos, combining four specialised plugins with three huge sound effects libraries – bundled together into one essential package at amazing value. Offering flexible, creative and efficient workflows for sound design, audio post-production and game audio, this enables you to design creatures, animals, weapons, vehicles, footsteps, Foley and other unique sound effects – advancing creativity and shortening the critical path from your imagination to the final mix. Interested in learning what the design process for this video was? We’ve broken down the video in to quick walkthroughs demonstrating how the specialised plugins from the bundle were applied to bringing the full sound to life. Watch ‘Sound Design in Under 10 Minutes’ to learn more!

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