In the first instalment of our brand-new series ‘Made with Concept’, Matthew Collings, Head of Product at Krotos, demonstrates how Concept 2 can be used to create a stunning piece of atmospheric music quickly and easily. Watch part 1 to listen to the music and discover what we’re making then jump into part 2 to find out how we got there.

Part 1 – The music | Earth from Space Station

Part 2 – How to | Earth from Space Station

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Video transcript

Hi, thanks for coming back for part two. In part one, we looked at the queue I put together really quickly for this nice piece of footage using Concept 2. I’m using multiple instances here. In the first part we just showed the actual track itself we didn’t actually show what Concept 2 was doing and the various layers. So, let’s take a quick look at that now. So starting off with the first layer, I started off with the Griffreecejones Bass patch, this is a really good starting point.

I’m using Ableton’s chord plugin here to give an extra octave above what I played in with the midi controller, just to thicken up that bass, give it a bit of an extra dimension. It’s a nice starting point, I just felt like it needed a bit of extra boost and an extra dimension in that really thick, heavy bass. So I’m using the Disturbia preset from our Cinematic Collection here to thicken up that bass layer again, another octave up as well.

It sounds a bit like this is much more distorted, richer darker sound, a really nice, dark cinematic preset. Putting those two together, we got this nice heavy rich base that we’re using to kind of underpin the whole track. So to pick out this melody on top, I started off with the Bowing Metal preset, it’s a really unusual, really cinematic style rich preset, we’ve got the granular oscillator going on here through a Bowed Guitar in the Convolution Reverb it gives it that really unusual sound.

So it’s really eerie, it really catches your ear and really draws you in. However, it follows the melody but it doesn’t really gel that melody in so well. So what I did hear is add an 80s pad preset. It’s just a pretty classic 80s pad, but just to underpin that melody, give it a bit more strength. So those two presets together. It just helps the melody really come through in the mix. So just to finish off, I felt like it needed, again, something mysterious, something really high register, something to really help the whole thing float, fill out the whole range.

So I’m using the Crossfader preset here just to add some high frequencies into the register. It’s quite noisy, but it just fills out that space. Together with the other melody, it just gives us really atmospheric vibe which is cool, and then adding in the basses as well. Fantastic and Concept 2, was such a powerful tool to have my disposal to make this clip, the whole thing took me about ten minutes and I think it’s a really nice little clip, really atmospheric piece of music done really quickly using Concept 2.