Clothes & Materials Foley BundleClothes & Materials Foley Bundle

Clothes & Materials Foley Bundle

Provided by Krotos.

The Clothes & Materials Foley Bundle by Krotos is an extensive collection of high-quality and versatile sound design libraries built for Reformer Pro to allow you to perform your Foley.

This bundle is the first in a new range of Reformer Pro Libraries, and combines the Krotos Clothes Foley Bundle with new additions to offer a complete package of royalty-free SFX for post-production and sound design. This library can be used for a huge range of dynamic foley: ranging from subtle fabric movements to backpack impacts and many more.

Recorded by Krotos with a Rode NTG3 and DPA 4061s, this collection contains a superb selection of 294 files featuring materials such as leather, cotton, zips, jeans, sportswear and bags – ideal for the reproduction of every-day Foley sounds.

This library was built specifically for use with Reformer Pro – a Krotos plugin that recomposes audio into dynamic, responsive, and highly-realistic sound design instantly. Reformer Pro is available for a free 10 day demo. Try it here.

This bundle is only compatible with Reformer Pro.

$200.40 inc. VAT ($167.00 ex. VAT)