User Interface LibraryUser Interface Library

User Interface Library

Provided by Krotos.

The User Interface Library by Krotos is a specialised SFX library that offers you a versatile collection of notification and interaction sounds for apps, interactive media, games, and devices.

The UI sound library is specifically designed for use in Weaponiser – the Krotos plugin that lets you build your own dynamic sound design assets with a fast and creative workflow.

Professionally recorded and designed by Krotos, this library contains 346 unique sound assets that span from simple button clicks, glassy sweeteners, magic chime risers, negative/positive elements, whooshes, notifications, and everything else you need to bring your app, game, website, or UI project to life.

This SFX library also comes with 73 onboard presets, ready to use as a starting point to tweak and layer in to your own design in Weaponiser.

Level up with huge flexibility and build your own responsive UI sound design elements with precision and total ease in Weaponiser!

$118.80 inc. VAT ($99.00 ex. VAT)

or 6 interest-free payments of $19.80 with SPLITIT