Weaponiser Fully LoadedWeaponiser Fully Loaded

Weaponiser Fully Loaded

The ultimate weapon sound design and layering solution, Weaponiser Fully Loaded offers our most comprehensive weapon loading, gun cocking and gun fire sound effects, with high-end, real-time synthesis and unparalleled sound quality – making it the ultimate ‘go to’ tool-kit for creating dynamic assets.

Out Of The Box Weaponry and Gun Sound Effects

Weaponiser Fully Loaded offers a total of 2734 assets, 1596 edited weapon recordings, 13 weapons, 1088 sweeteners and 39 IRs plus 186 presets from Bryan Celano (Dead Space, Gears of War 3 and Metal Gear Solid) Jim Stout (Sound Ideas Library, sound designer for Native Instruments and more) George Vlad (Mindful Audio, Door Kickers). 

Beat makers and music producers can also access our collection of drum presets to layer up and customise their own loops and kits. Weaponiser Fully Loaded also gives you the control to import your own assets.

Available to purchase separately, is Weaponiser’s Battle Bundle – featuring a staggering 5854 high-quality combat sounds – from sword attacks and rapiers to chainmail, shields, metal, hand-to-hand combat, body falls and impacts plus much more.

Get your FREE 10-DAY DEMO with 75 weapon recordings, 4 weapons, 220 sweeteners, 12 IRs and 90 presets. Please note that the demo version includes a reduced number of assets compared to Weaponiser Basic or Fully Loaded. However, the functionality of the plugin is the same. Advanced sound design. VST/AU/AAX plugin.

$718.80 inc. VAT ($599.00 ex. VAT)

Add-on bundles:

Battle Bundle

Footsteps Bundle

Magic Library

Trailers Library

Whooshes Library