Pulse Energy Weapons LibraryPulse Energy Weapons Library

Pulse Energy Weapons Library

The Pulse Energy Weapons Library is a comprehensive sound design toolkit built for creating cutting edge sci-fi weaponry with full creativity. 

Recorded and designed by award-winning sound designer Paul Stoughton (Skywalker Sound / Star Wars VR), this library contains a massive 4,471 total sound assets (3.8GB) and 78 predesigned weapons – a powerful and deep exploration into the world of Sci-Fi weapons sound design!

Although this library was designed for use with Weaponiser, we also give you full access to all raw source files for use in a more traditional workflow including embedded metadata for use in Soundminer and Basehead.

This massive library is divided into 5 modular categories (Pulse Energy, Mech, LFE, Tails, Charge), allowing you to mix and match layers and build your own unique weapon designs in Weaponiser – the Krotos plugin that lets you build your own dynamic sound design assets with ease.

Use straight out of the box, or bring your own visions to life with immense flexibility. Transform the 60 starter presets into hundreds of your own designs, or create thousands of unique assets at speed for your project, using Weaponiser’s powerful and efficient workflow.

Start creating your own SciFi weaponry sound effects today!

New to Weaponiser? All Krotos plugins are available for a free 10 day. Simply add the free demo on to your order and test out Weaponiser in your own workflow.

$238.80 inc. VAT ($199.00 ex. VAT)

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