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Trailers Library

Provided by Krotos.

The Trailers Library by Krotos is a specialised sound library filled with cinematic transitions, massive impacts, synth swells, and dramatic risers – a perfect selection of sounds to boost your trailer project with the immediacy, suspense, drama or emotion it needs.

Professionally recorded and designed by Krotos, this high-quality sound effects library is designed for use in Weaponiser  the all-in-one creative solution for weapon sound design and layering.

This library features a selection of 178 royalty-free assets that range from bright whooshes or resonating bass drops, to intense strings and epic drones – offering you a full suite of assets to transform your trailer, promo, composition or other sound design project with.

This SFX library comes with 64 on-board presets to get started with so you can tweak, layer, design and experiment with Weaponiser from the get-go.

Bring your visions to life with immense flexibility via Weaponiser’s powerful and efficient workflow, and start creating responsive, dramatic sounds with precision and total ease.

$118.80 inc. VAT ($99.00 ex. VAT)

or 6 interest-free payments of $19.80 with SPLITIT