Real-time, transformative, dynamic functionality is at the core of every Krotos product.

Krotos offer customised audio solutions across multiple industries in the form of ready-to-use plugins, libraries, APIs and SDKs for your development environment or platform. From gaming, AR, VR, consumer electronics, mobile apps, smart toys, location-based entertainment, musical and theatrical performances, plus much more – Krotos can design and license a tailor-made selection of tools based on your audio needs.






Krotos Sound Effects Technology

Reformer uses deep signal analysis and patent-pending technology to profile an audio input and construct entirely new sounds in the image of that profile. We can provide a highly realistic, sample-based procedural system that transforms audio sources into any other in real-time. For example, sound effect source switching for material detection, collision, and other audio input or data-driven triggers.

Used in: Game of Thrones

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