Futurism LibraryFuturism Library

Futurism Library

Fast forward to the Future…

The Futurism Library by Krotos is a unique 3.2GB collection of high-end futuristic sound effects, designed to bring the sonic characteristics of strange new worlds and dystopian futures to your next post-production, trailer sound design, or game-audio project.

From spaceship maneuvers and electromagnetic servos to droid passbys, the Futurism Library consists of a range of 1100+ synthesised and recorded materials including emotive whooshes, slow drones, impacts, and liquid textures. 

What makes Futurism unique? Futurism is a huge sound library combined with cutting-edge presets, ready to use directly in your DAW. This library goes beyond ‘designed assets’ and allows you to find inspiration and discover new sounds quickly and easily. 

Each of the 86 presets is a carefully designed system capable of delivering almost unlimited variations, thanks to Weaponiser’s powerful bank system. From this collection, thousands of inspiring assets and variations can be generated at high speed, and can be synced to screen immediately.

Although this library was designed for use with Weaponiser, we also give you full access to all raw source files for use in a more traditional workflow including embedded metadata for use in Soundminer and Basehead.

Step into your own strange worlds with huge flexibility and push the boundaries of futuristic sound design!

New to Weaponiser? All Krotos plugins are available for a free 10 day. Simply add the free demo to your order and test out Weaponiser in your own workflow.

$142.80 inc. VAT ($119.00 ex. VAT)

or 6 interest-free payments of $23.80 with SPLITIT