Predator Hunting Ground

How do you perform Predator sounds?

We can all do an impersonation of the classic Predator clicks, but what if you need to really sound like the Predator? Audio Director Steve Whetman was faced with this challenge during the audio production phase of Predator: Hunting Grounds.

“I’m no good at doing the clicks myself. And while plenty of people can get close, no one does it like Peter Cullen”

Now this is the cool part…

Steve Whetman was able to get hold of the recording session from the original tape! Once added and analysed by Reformer Pro he was able to perform Predator for the game whilst maintaining that authentic Peter Cullen sound!

Watch him in action here…

The above content and video are part of an article by A Sound Effect.

Read the full article here: Behind The Punchy ’80s Action Sound of ‘Predator: Hunting Grounds’ – A Game Audio Deep Dive By Steve Whetman.

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