Spring is finally in the air! At Krotos, we’re celebrating, longer days, lighter evenings and warmer weather with deals so good they’ll make your petals bloom.

From March 14th until April 14th, we’re offering discounts that will help your creativity to blossom. Whether you’re a seasoned sound designer or just starting to sprout your audio wings. Spring is the perfect opportunity to cultivate your sound design toolkit.

Star of the Sale: 80% Off Sound Design Bundle 2

A treasure trove of creativity, with an astounding 80% off! Sound Design Bundle 2 is our best value and most versatile software bundle, designed to cater to all your sound design needs with Weaponiser, Reformer Pro, Igniter and Dehumaniser 2 plugins. 

More Blooming Good Deals: Up to 70% Off Bundles

An enormous saving is also available on our other bundles, too. Sound Design Bundle features our essential plugins (Weaponiser, Igniter, Dehumaniser 2) Whilst Krotos Everything Bundle 4, provides all of our plugins and an enormous selection of libraries, and both of these are available with 70% off.

Plus, Ultimate Bundle 4, our biggest and most complete collection, is 50% off. This is the ultimate Krotos experience, featuring every plugin, and sound effect library. It is everything you could possibly need for professional grade sound effect design, in one comprehensive bundle!

Learn more about our bundles here!

60% Off Individual Plugins 

If you are simply looking for one plugin to get your creativity flowing, We are also offering 60% off individual plugins, including Dehumaniser 2, Reformer Pro, Weaponiser, Igniter, and Concept 2 

40% Off A Krotos Studio Annual Subscription

Access a year of our exciting and innovative sound design platform Krotos Studio, with 40% off! With new presets and features being added every month, you will have a suite of fresh, exciting and customisable sounds to cover your audio needs for every season.

Krotos Studio is growing faster than the flowers this spring, so there’s no better time to subscribe.

50% off Third-Party Sound Effect Libraries & Collections

 If you are looking to freshen up your sound effects collection this spring, we have this covered too, with up to 50% off any of our Third Party sound effect libraries, including SoundMorph, Mattia Cellotto, Penguin Grenade and more! And if that’s not enough, we’re offering 60% percent off the libraries we craft in house, exclusively by Krotos.

Our Spring Sale isn’t just about great discounts; it’s about growing your skills, expanding your creative horizons, and joining a community of sound designers who are as passionate about audio as you are. Krotos, helps to support your creative journey, and bring your audio visions to life. Don’t let these deals wilt away! grab them before April 14th and let your sound design skills blossom.

Stay sounding awesome,

The Krotos Team