In his characteristically unconventional manner, Nikola Nikita Jeremić combines Concept 2 with Dehumaniser 2 to create some really interesting, atmospheric, sci-fi background sounds. We love watching people push the boundaries with our software and this one super creative example that is remarkably simple to recreate.

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Hey guys, Nik here. And in today’s video, I want to show you how you can create this really cool sci-fi atmospheric background noises by using Krotos Concept 2. Their very, very powerful synth, which you can make any anything out of it. But we’re going to use it in its default state right now. And of course, Dehumaniser 2, which is perfect for these pet shifting and delayed type of processing that basically Dehumaniser enables you to create these monster sounds and stuff like that.

But we’re going to be using it in a slightly different way. That is pretty unconventional because sound designing is all about being unconventional. So let’s get started now here in my Concept 2 GUI. Here what I have is basically a default setting of Concept 2. When I press my key, I get this, I’m going to turn it down just a tiny little bit now and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to utilise Dehumaniser 2 and check out what I did with Dehumaniser 2.

Let me just Dehumanise it. There we go. It’s still going on for some reason because I have a pretty long release time inside of my Concept 2. So basically let me just go back like this.

If I turn on my Dehumaniser 2 here that I created a preset called Sci-fi Storm, what I have here is a noise generator, delay pitching, pitch shifting, granular stuff going all over the place and then watch what happens… Tiny wee bit of EQ here so that I don’t get any boxy sounding stuff and you can basically process anything you want with Dehumaniser 2 in order to create these atmospheres. Because Dehumaniser’s options for pitch shifting and for granular processing are simply amazing and it’s noise generated and you can utilise it, apply it to various sound sources of be it tonal or atonal in order to create these atmospheres at a sprinkle of reverb to make it all sounding big and stereo.

And there you go. But you can also create a whole bunch of drones and stuff like this with Concept 2. But I wanted to show you some interesting way in utilising these two together in order to create something that other worldly.

Or let’s just start using some of the presets from Concept 2. For example, this is the Devil Details base, which on its own sounds like this pretty beefy sounding ambient base. But once you process it with this rig that I’ve created with Dehumaniser 2 and black hole and stuff like that, look what happens. Really interesting artefacts start coming out in the background.

And maybe I can enable this tiny little bit of noise and some delay pitches and some pitch shifting and some ground.

You can automate these things basically to create some of your own. Originally, make an evolving soundscape, download demos from Krotos website and test it out for yourself. I think you’ll have a lot of fun with these because I know I’ve been having fun with these for like weeks already. And I’ve created so many content for various games that I’m working on. So I’ll see you soon.



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