What do you get if you cross a fairy, beast and demon? And, then throw Dehumaniser Simple Monsters into the mix?

Well today, Alessandro Mastroianni shows us just how easy it is to create professional creature sounds using our vocal processor. 

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Alessandro Mastroianni, and I’m a composer and sound designer. Today I’m here to tell you about the Dehumaniser Simple Monsters.

Simple Monsters takes the core processing behind the Dehumaniser 2, and puts into a streamline easy to use GUI that you can use to achieve really professional results in a matter of minutes. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do today. Please join me.

Okay, to demonstrate this, we put together what could be a design brief for a project. Be it a video game that you’re working on, an animation project where the characters are in the process of being developed and what you would get very often are some sort of reference pictures. But also a little description of what the character is going to be. In my case, I got from my imaginary team was a picture of her. So this is going to be shell swings.

She is some sort of fairy I guess. Obviously got her from this. That is going to be something childish, that needs to be playful. Obviously nothing scary. So, we kind of can imagine our target audience. And the main challenge here is going to be that obviously she’s a little girl, and I’m a grown up man.

So we’re going to see how Simple Monsters is going to help us with this. “Hi, I’m a little creature. And today I want to tell you about Dehumaniser Simple Monsters. Okay. As you can tell, a lot of fun. And you see, it already sounds good. It was just a little Goblin preset over here.

Let’s see if we can improve it even further.

What I’m going to do is that I want to bring the age down again as I’m a grown up man, this is going to help. Let’s play with size a little bit, increase the service spreads. That’s something that can be interesting.

This sounds really good. You can even move it to XY pads and have even more control. Like again, using age with this.

So you have size and age. And I’m quite happy with this. It’s incredible. It’s literally three tweaks away and we already have pretty professional results, especially considering that I am literally the opposite of the character that we’re trying to picture. So this is cool. Let’s move to the second one.

Okay. The next one that we have is gargling beast. I’m sure we’re going to have fun with this. So this is obviously very monstrous, very scary. Quite the opposite. Okay, for this one. As I was saying, I used the gargling beast preset.

To be honest, sounds really great right off the box. Not sure how much to change. A little bit of limiting. Maybe it’s all kind of come down to the max, which I think is cool. Wildness, increasing wildness definitely does something fun with it. We haven’t tried much. We haven’t tried using the sample playback. We can include some samples as well. You can solo it to see how it sounds.

So we are triggering a little bit of this scream which I think works pretty well. I might tweak the envelope a little bit. Really cool again. We literally took a few seconds and we got some pretty incredible results. Let’s move to the third one. Okay. The last one is a rather scary demon. So from here, I gathered that it’s still something very scary. Definitely adult oriented. And we want to find somebody that is kind of horrorish.

And let’s see what we got. Okay, for this one, I use again one of the presets called demon, and this is the one that is possibly going to need a little bit of tweaking. I am pretty happy with how it sounds. The only thing that I would say is that it flattens out my voice a little bit, and the clarity is not great. So you obviously want your character to be understood. So let’s see what we can do with this and how fast it is.

Toning down the character seems to do the trick. That’s already great. It was literally just one of the parameters. And then you can go in and maybe tweak the EQ a little bit. All things are very easy to do. But the point is that it’s incredible how fast it is. And that was it. I hope you enjoyed it. I really hope that I managed to show you how easy it is to get professional results. Just tweaking a couple of parameters, and we had a lot of fun.

Thank you so much for watching. And I’ll see you next time.


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