Nikola Nikita Jeremić gets musical with Weaponiser and Concept 2. In this short video Nik uses the flexible layering capabilities of Weaponiser to build a drum sound that cycles through variations, creating a “virtual epic ambient drum set”. He then plays the “drum kit” using MIDI.

Combined with an ambient drone created with Concept 2, Nik creates epic background music worthy of any battle scene or tense moment.

Once again, a unique take on Krotos software from Nikita. Take a look…

Hey guys, Nick here. And in today’s video, I want to show you the musical side of Weaponiser helped a little bit by Concept 2 Krotos’ latest synthesiser. Now, Weaponiser is if you don’t. No, it’s a perfect tool for creating gun sounds. Scifi, modern world, historic stuff like that by layering various sounds that you may want to use, and in order to create some weird rifle, pistol or whatever.What’s good about Weaponiser, especially is the layering of sounds. As you can see here in the main part of the GUI is layering of like four various samples in four different layers that are basically combined together to create this one big gunshot. But what I have here is that I have created four individual instruments and each one of them has its own output on the mixer of Weaponiser. And basically you can trigger them on your Midi keyboard. Each one of them is mapped to a different Midi key, starting with if you press the C3 or C4, depending on your DAW, you trigger all of them together.But once you start going with the C sharp, D sharp and E, it starts triggering each one of these onset, body, thump, and tail layers individually. So what I have here is that I have layered different round Robins and recordings of like a bass drum, and I have enabled here basically a random triggering of the sample. So if I press like my C sharp, you see here, let me just sorry, see how it is scrolling through different sounds. If I go into my body, I have my taikos here.If I go into thump, I have a sample and the tail is my stick.Now the Reverb is external that I’m using by another Reverb plugin that I have here just to give it more ambient. And I have processed each individual of these instruments with just a tiny little bit of compression saturation and transient shapers, and whatnot. So what I have here basically is a rhythmic pattern that I’ve created with Weaponiser, and it’s helped by the Concept 2 drone, basically to give me some sort of like an ambient background music for a game. So when I press play in Studio One, this is what happened.Concept 2 is basically just helping us create this sort of like a mood. If I just mute the Concept 2 and leave my Weaponiser, I’m just using an external Reverb here for as you can see if I press my it’s velocity sensitive. It can get triggered by Midi, so you can create your own, like small. If you have your own instruments percussion stuff, you can sample them different round Robins and everything. Import them into Weaponiser where it can start triggering these individually.So it’s pretty cool you can just go scroll through them so you can have your own little virtual epic ambient drum set. Whatever you want to create. Basically what I’ve chosen here is an epic ambient drum set. So if I press play and let’s hear just the drums by themselves.So these are my drum samples layered inside Weaponiser only so dry by themselves and without it, it’s a pretty cool feature if you don’t own already some drum trigger virtual instruments or whatever, it’s also a good tool for doing some rudimental drum layering. So, yeah, this has been educational for you and I’ll see you in another video. Bye.

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