Designing sound using the Sound Design Bundle 2

From the tyre skids, background noises, footsteps crunching on glass to the tension created by the monster’s voice and resulting gun fire – the full sound design for this scene was created using only the software and libraries contained in the bundle.

Interested in learning what the design process for the above scene was? We’ve broken the scene down in to quick walkthroughs demonstrating how the specialised plugins were applied to bringing the full sound to life. Find out how in our new series ‘Sound Design in Under 10 Minutes’.

Igniter: Vehicle sliding and door Foley.

Igniter is our all-in-one solution for vehicle sound design, one of the four flagship plugins that comes with the Sound Design Bundle 2. The beginning of the promo video shows a police van sliding in, skidding wheels, the van abruptly braking to a halt, and finally the back doors opening. How did we go about designing all of this using just Igniter… in under 10 minutes? Watch the video to learn how it was done.

Reformer Pro: Glass Crunch and Movement Foley

Reformer Pro is our specialised Foley designer that lets you perform, automate and perform any sound effects in real-time using a mic or controller. In this walkthrough you’ll learn how the clothing movement and footsteps on the broken glass were designed with just Reformer Pro.

Weaponiser: Gun fire and footsteps

Weaponiser provides powerful and efficient workflows for weapon sound design and layering. This video walks you through how the individual gunfire was designed, as well as showcasing the depth of Weaponiser’s versatility for creating footsteps.

Dehumaniser 2: Monster Vocalisation

Dehumaniser 2 is the Sound Design Bundle’s creature and monster vocal processor, already famed for its use in feature films and TV Series like Stranger Things, the Lion King, Avengers, and many more. Watch the next walkthrough to learn how our sound designer handled an off-screen monster by allowing the audio to build all the tension using only Dehumaniser 2.

Sound Design Bundle 2 Black Friday Discount

For a limited time throughout November, the Sound Design Bundle 2 is now available at its lowest price yet: usually at 30% off, this bundle is now available with an additional 20% discount, the perfect opportunity to start revolutionising your workflow at fantastic value!

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The Sound Design Bundle 2 combines our four flagship products with three huge sound effects libraries – bundled...

Try a free 10 day demo

All the individual plugins from the Sound Design Bundle 2 are available for a free 10 day demo. Download a trial to explore the potential and see how they work for you!

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Reformer Pro allows sound designers, producers, musicians and performers to design, automate and perform any sound in real-time, like never...
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The Sound Design Bundle 2 combines our four flagship products with three huge sound effects libraries – bundled...
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The Sound Design Bundle combines three of our flagship products together into one essential sound design package at...
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The ultimate weapon sound design and layering solution, Weaponiser Fully Loaded offers our most comprehensive weapon...