SoundMorph Robotic Lifeforms Sound Effects LibrarySoundMorph Robotic Lifeforms Sound Effects Library

SoundMorph Robotic Lifeforms Sound Effects Library

The robots are taking over!

Robotic Lifeforms by Soundmorph is the one of largest collections of robot sounds ever created. We’ve adapted this extensive collection to work straight out-of-the box in two of our award-winning plugins, offering your robots even more power than the original!

From small bot sounds to massive automatons, including transforms, morphs, & servos – Robotic Lifeforms was designed by former Electronic Arts and BioWare award-winning sound designers.

Featuring 1,636 files, this collection offers a wide-ranging 5.88 GB (Weaponiser) and 3.75 GB (Reformer Pro) selection of royalty-free SFX components, ideal for any trailer, post-production, game-audio and sound design project. 

Put the robots in charge and speed up your workflow!

$286.80 inc. VAT ($239.00 ex. VAT)

or 6 interest-free payments of $47.80 with SPLITIT