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How to Make Video Game UI Sound Effects

Ben Jacquier is back! This time he is using Reformer Pro, Weaponiser, Dehumaniser 2 and some more of our incredible sound effects libraries featured in the Krotos Ultimate Bundle to re-design the loot pack animation from Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends.

Video Game Sound Effects Apex Legends Pack Opening Sound Effects

How to Create Futuristic Video Game Sound Effects

Ben Jacquier:
Today I’m going to do the sound design of the opening of the Apex Pack from the game Apex Legends. For this, I’m going to use Krotos’ Ultimate Bundle – mainly Reformer Pro, Weaponiser, Dehumaniser 2. And we are going to see what we can do with the Krotos libraries…Let’s do this!

Metal Sound Video Game Sound Effects with Reformer Pro

First I’m going to see if we can find some nice textures and start syncing some metal sounds.

if you’ve never tried Reformer Pro before, I’m actually going to play all the sound from the libraries with my mouth. I just use my mouth to trigger the sound. So to sync things in a very fast way, it’s very useful.

I want to also find some electronic sounds or electricity/energy and magic effects to make it sound more interesting.

I don’t do the mix yet, I’m just trying to find a good structure to sync them properly and then I’ll be mixing them. When I like what I hear from Reformer Pro, I export it into a new audio track. so I’m going to put the metal sounds in grey. Colour coding helps when you try to get organised, but everybody does their own thing!

Video Game Sound Effects Reformer Pro in Pre Sonus Studio One

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Impact Video Game Sound Effects with Weaponiser

So what I’m going to do now is using Weaponiser to find impact sounds and I’m going to trigger them with the MIDI keyboard.

There’s already some interesting thing inside that I’m going to go with, and i’m going to export it as an audio track but still keep the MIDI track. It’s already synced, now, so I just have to change the sounds in Weaponiser.

For when the loot pack is landing I could add a whoosh It’s so much more impactful with this whoosh… without… with. Okay, let’s sync them! and Lets pick this pack up already! The whoosh makes a huge difference.

I think we have enough sound. I’m just going to do a bit of mixing and see how we can improve it.

Video Game Sound Effects Weaponiser Robot Sound Design

Robotic Vocal Video Game Sound Effects with Dehumaniser 2

I want like to give the little robot a personality, so maybe when it’s actually getting out, maybe we can add, like, a little voice, like a robotic voice. Let’s see if we can use Dehumaniser.

Video Game Sound Effects Weaponiser Robot Sound Design

Final notes

After some very light mixing, this is what I have. As you saw, I just used Krotos tools Reformer Pro, Weaponiser, Dehumaniser and all Krotos libraries to create this epic sequence. Sound design. I really hope you enjoyed it!

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