What are ‘Reformer Pro Libraries’, and how can I make my own with Reformer Pro? Back to knowledge base

Reformer Pro works with a certain collection of audio at a time. We call these ‘Reformer Libraries’. These are sound libraries especially configured to work with Reformer’s unique processing. The output from the plugin is sourced entirely from these audio files. By using the plugin, you are directing how the technology selects and recompiles the audio files in real-time to create a unique result.

Selecting a different library will give you different results, even with the same input signal. Try using the same audio file into different libraries to see the huge variety of incredible-sounding results that can be achieved with incredible speed.

By default, the plugin comes with a collection of libraries. If you purchase the monthly subscription, you will receive 4 libraries with your copy of Reformer Pro: Black Leopard Pro, Fruit and Veg: Squash Pro, Leather Foley Pro and Electronic Pro. If you purchase the annual subscription, you will receive the entire Krotos Bundle, a collection of 11 libraries with your copy of Reformer Pro. To use more libraries, you can head to our webstore (or click ‘Buy more libraries’ from within the plugin) and purchase additional content for a range of prices.

You can use the Reformer Pro Analysis Tool to create your own libraries that are compatible with Reformer Pro. By analyzing a folder of your own pre-recorded samples, you to create your own completely unique sound design content and design sound like never before.

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