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Most Krotos plugins, including Dehumaniser 2, Reformer Pro, Weaponiser and Igniter can be used for 10 days as fully-functional demos. Please note that these demos include fewer presets than the paid products.

You will need a free iLok account to activate a demo of most Krotos plugins. If you do not have an iLok account, create one for free at You do not need a physical iLok key to evaluate the plugin.

To activate your demo of Concept or Simple Concept, please follow the instructions here.

Dehumaniser II, Simple Monsters, Reformer Pro, Weaponiser, Igniter

To start the demo, install the plugin and reboot your DAW. When the iLok pop-up appears, choose ‘Try’, and follow the procedure on-screen. This will deposit a Demo licence to your iLok account.

Log into your iLok account and choose a location. Your demo will now be active.

For Weaponiser, your demo will appear as ‘Weaponiser Basic’, even if you expressed interest in the ‘Fully Loaded’ version. The demos may appear under the ‘Other’ plugin category in your DAW (e.g. in Pro Tools).

You will see a popup window again in 10 days time, when your demo will expire.

Troubleshooting Tips

Make sure iLok License Manager is fully up to date. You can check for updates manually on OSX by launching the application and selecting ‘iLok License Manager > Check for Application Updates…’ on your top bar. On Windows, ‘Check for Application Updates…’ can be found in the ‘Help’ dropdown.

If you did not receive the iLok activation pop-up when launching your DAW, please start a session and try adding the plugin to a track.

Sometimes a DAW will block or fail to recognise a newly installed plugin. Please try re-scanning your plugins from the Plugin Manager section of your DAW.

If you have any issues getting started, please contact us.

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