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Reformer Pro can be used for 10 days as a fully-functional demo without a license.
You will need an iLok account to activate the demo. 
You do not need a physical iLok to evaluate the plugin
You will only be able to evaluate the demo once on your iLok account.
To start the demo, add Reformer Pro to a track in your DAW.
When the ilok popup appears, choose ‘Try’, and follow the procedure on-screen.
Log into your iLok account and choose a location. You demo will now be active.
You will see a popup window again in 10 days time, when your demo will expire.
To continue to use the plugin and Analysis Tool, you will need to purchase a license from https://www.krotosaudio.com/products/reformer-pro/
If you have any issues getting started, please contact support@krotosaudio.com

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