How do I start my demo, or activate my license of Concept? Back to knowledge base

How do I start my demo?

Please follow the instructions in this video to start your demo or activate your copy of Concept:

For more info, see below:

Concept can be run as a fully-functional demo for 15 minutes, with no noise or interruptions. When you open the plugin, a pop-up will appear, giving you various options.

To start a demo, simply choose the ‘Start Demo’ option from the screen that appears when you open the plugin. This will start your 15 minute, fully-functional demo. During this period, saving is disabled, and after 15 minutes you will no longer be able to generate sound using the plugin.

You will see ‘Demo’ appear in the top bar of the plugin during this 15 minute period.

When your demo period is up, you can delete the plugin and add it again to start a new 15 minute period.

Simply remove and add the plugin to your track again to restart this period. You can keep the demo on your computer for as long as you like, to get used to using the plugin. It will not expire after 10 days, like some other Krotos plugins.

How do I activate my license?

You only need your license key to activate a full license for the software, which would have been emailed to you when you completed your purchase from Krotos or a reseller. Enter this in the space to the right of the ‘Activate’ button, and then hit the ‘Activate’ button. There will be a slight pause, then the plugin will be ready to use. Depending on your internet connection, this may take a few seconds, so please be patient. If you are still having issues activating your license, please contact [email protected]

Do I need an iLok?

No! Concept is the first plugin from Krotos to use our own copy protection system. You simply activate the license from within the plugin using your license key, and can even deactivate your license and pick it up on a different machine.

You do not need an iLok account, or a physical iLok dongle to use the plugin.

Can I put my license on my iLok?

No. Because Concept does not use iLok for copy protection, you cannot use an iLok to store or transport your license.

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