Can I use the Dehumaniser Standalones with Pro Tools? Back to knowledge base

Using Dehumaniser in Pro Tools is easy. Just follow our quick guide to setting up your project.

For Mac OSX:

  • Download and install Soundflower
  • In Audio/MIDI Setup, make an Aggregate Device consisting of your audio interface (Mbox 2 Pro, for example) and Soundflower (2 ch), make sure that you have chosen Soundflower as an input and your sound interface as an output (if you choose your interface’s inputs as well it will use you sound interface’s input in Pro Tools)
  • In Mac > System Preferences > Sound, set “Output” to Soundflower (2ch). This forces the System audio to Soundflower
  • In Dehumaniser open the audio settings, choose Soundflower (2ch) for an audio interface output
  • In Pro Tools, set the Playback Engine to the Aggregate Device you made
  • In Pro Tools > Setup > I/O > Input, rename the inputs if necessary to make them easier to find when selecting inputs on an Audio or Aux Track. Clicking “Default” may help
  • In Pro Tools, create an Audio or Aux Track, and select the Soundflower input
  • Turn on Dehumaniser, record-enable the track in Pro Tools, and you should hear the audio
  • ForPro Tools HD or TDM you can use JK Pipe or Source Nexus

For Windows:

  • Download and install Jack Audio from here
  • Click here for setting up “Jack”
  • Open both Dehumaniser and Pro tools
  • In Dehumaniser go to “Settings” > “Audio Settings” and select “JackRouter” for your Audio Driver
  • In Pro tools select “JackRouter” as your Audio Driver
  • Open “Jack PortAudio” and then “Jack Control”
  • In the “Jack Control” panel, press the “connections” button
  • Now, make the connections so that the Dehumaniser’s out1 and out2 connect to Pro Tools in1 and in2 respectively
  • Create a new stereo Audio Track with inputs “Stereo In”

If Jackaudio doesn’t work on your system you can try VB-audio cable try this

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