Getting creative with Reformer Pro will add a whole new dimension to your music – guaranteed

The human ear craves details.

As a musician, one of the best ways to give these details to your listeners is by using sound textures from the world around you.

You can add these textures with Reformer Pro. Add it to your tracks, and feed your loops and ideas into it and Reformer Pro will bring them to life. Use animal sounds, foley, natural elements and more from Reformer Pro’s huge range of libraries, or analyse your own sounds to use.

Without question, this is one of the most fun and interesting things to try with Reformer Pro! Experiment and discover some ear-tingling textures that will add layer after layer of detail to your tracks.

Pro Tools Expert’s Paul Maunder demonstrates this below, using Reformer Pro for a range of music applications and musical sound FX.

From Pro Tools Expert:

Reformer Pro is a plug-in which allows you to perform pre-recorded audio instantly. Reformer Pro uses live audio input or pre-recorded files to trigger playback of a variety of sounds from a library. It’s actually more clever than that though. The pitch, timing and intensity of the triggered sound directly affects the composite sound generated by the plug-in.

Reformer Pro includes a variety of sounds as standard but many additional libraries are also available. Four sounds can be loaded into Reformer Pro at a time and you can easily blend between them.

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