Krotos in Conversation at Mix Presents Sound for Film & TV

Krotos are pleased to support this year’s Mix Presents Sound for Film & TV: Awards Season – an event that took place virtually to celebrate the year’s best creative talent in film and television sound.

While 2020 has been a challenging year, there’s been so much support and resilience from all sides of the industry, and we’ve seen incredible achievements in film and TV! We’re excited to have had a chance to celebrate all this amazing work at the event.

If you missed it, you can catch up and watch our video from the event agenda again now!

Krotos interview with James David Redding III, Steven Avila, Branko Neskov & Tony Gibson.

Krotos’ founder & CEO Orfeas Boteas is joined by Steven Avila (Warner Brothers), Tony Gibson (Molinare), Branko Neskov (Loudness Films), and James David Redding III (JDR3 Productions), who share their experiences of how their Krotos products helped them complete their projects during a time of restrictions and limitations.

Speaking in the video:

James David Redding III, Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer, (JDR3 Productions)

Steven Avila, Sound Designer, (Warner Brothers / Sony Pictures)

Branko Neskov, c.a.s., Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer, (Loudness Films)

Tony Gibson, Sound Designer (Molinare)

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