Introducing Trailers & Elements

We’re pleased to introduce two new specialised SFX bundles: the Trailers Library for Weaponiser and the Elements Bundle for Reformer Pro. To celebrate the release, both libraries come free with our Sound Design Bundles for a very limited time.

Trailers Library

Trailers brings you cinematic transitions, massive impacts, synth swells, and dramatic risers – a perfect selection of sounds to boost your project. Bring your visions to life with immense flexibility via Weaponiser’s powerful and efficient workflow, and start creating responsive, dramatic sounds with precision and total ease.

Elements Bundle

Elements offers a wide range of environmental textures, sweeteners, ambiences and impact sound effects – optimised for designing, automating and performing sound in real-time using Reformer Pro.

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Bass Drops, Chimes, Risers, Transitions, Drones, Strings.The Trailers Library by Krotos is a specialised sound library filled with...

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The Elements Bundle by Krotos and Silverplatter Audio offers a wide range of environmental textures,...

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Empower your creative sound design process with $298 worth of free SFX!

To celebrate the release, we’re offering both these bundles free with our Sound Design Bundles – but only for a limited time!

Sound Design Bundle Sound Design Bundle 2

The Sound Design Bundle 2 is our best value package available at 30% off. This bundle combines our flagship plug-ins and three huge libraries – offering fast and creative workflows for designing creatures, footsteps, extreme voice overs, weapons, Foley, vehicles and a whole lot more.

Now for a limited time, you’ll receive both Trailers & Elements free when you purchase Sound Design Bundle 1 or 2 – the perfect opportunity to add even more powerful sound assets to your collection.

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The Sound Design Bundle combines three of our flagship products together into one essential sound design package at...

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The Sound Design Bundle 2 combines our four flagship products with three huge sound effects libraries – bundled...

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