You can transform your sound design process by upgrading from Simple Monsters to Dehumaniser 2

Dehumaniser 2 is the world’s most powerful vocal sound design system and is trusted by leading post production houses, AAA game studios and sound designers all over the world.

Used on Stranger Things, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain Marvel, Star Trek Discovery, Doom and many more, Dehumaniser 2 has become the leading solution for creatures, monsters, aliens, robots, and dialogue effects.

If you like Simple Monsters you will LOVE Dehumaniser 2!

Join thousands of other monster-makers, and upgrade your plugin to the full version to gain access to more effects, more presets, more control, and more flexibility.

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What is Dehumaniser 2?

Dehumaniser 2 is a powerful vocal processing tool, perfect for a range of vocal effects. With a focus on performance, expression and experimentation, Dehumaniser 2 rewards its users with a highly creative and flexible workflow.

What are the differences between Dehumaniser 2 and Simple Monsters

In comparison to Simple Monsters, which gives you five sliders to edit a combination of effects, Dehumaniser 2 gives you control of everything!

  • Design and edit with detail – Create and customise your effects easily and quickly with multiple effects modules and complete control over a huge range of parameters.
  • Create Sci-Fi and robotic sounds – Thanks to additional effects like the Flanger/Chorus, Vocoder and Spectral Shifter you can design robots, cyborgs and other mechanical creatures!
  • Design dialogue effects – With more control over each element of the effects, you can ensure dialogue is clear while the effects are tailored to the performance.
  • Experiment faster Our intuitive modular workflow empowers you to experiment with multiple modules and parallel signal paths giving you time to try new ideas quickly without limitations.
  • Create more Dehumaniser 2 includes over 100 presets covering creatures, monsters, sci-fi, dialogue and more and ships with an audio library of roars, screeches, oinks and barks to add texture and breathe life to any vocal design.

How can Dehumaniser 2 help me?

Work and deliver faster

Dehumaniser 2 makes it easy to design complex and varied vocals much faster thanks to a powerful modular interface. This means that you can pick individual effects “modules” and then wire them up to combine them in many different ways to give you total flexibility and the ability to experiment quickly. Here is a very quick example of how Dehumaniser effects modules can work together. 

“Dehumaniser is an incredible tool for creating unique and varied vocal sound design treatments, it is simple to use and easily tailored.”

– Lora Hirschberg (Oscar Winner / Re-recording Mixer)

Get better performance 

Designing characters for you or your voice actors to perform live will definitely result in a better performance. Whether it is for game, animation or ADR, Dehumaniser 2 empowers the performer to really inhabit the creature, monster or character they are playing.

Here’s an amazing example of character design and performance in action from OM UK

“Dehumaniser 2 also came in handy in this regard when I was building the Tartigrade for Star Trek because the first time we see it, its goes on this maniacal attack on the crew, chasing them down corridors at full speed and I needed to perform the aggressive grunts and breaths during the chase. Something like that could take a long time to cut in piece-by-piece but with Dehumaniser 2 I could perform it and pick out the good stuff. 

Angelo Palazzo (Sound Designer – Frozen 2, Star Trek Discovery)

Create flexible effects for all creatures great and small

One of the biggest advantages Dehumaniser 2 has over Simple Monsters is how interesting and flexible its effects modules can be. Offering quick and top level edits or control over detailed parameters, each effect is unique and useful in equal measure. Try the Granular module to add dense textures to your sound or experiment with the Scrubbing Convolution to add a flavour of  real animal vocalisations, adding natural and organic texture to any vocals.

Watch Sound Designer Alex Brandon expertly demonstrate this process of creature design:

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With unrivalled creative potential and terrifying possibilities for your next vocal projects, Dehumaniser 2 is amazing value. Upgrade today and change the way you design creatures and vocal effects forever.

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