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Reformer Pro includes over 3.8 GB of high-fidelity sounds waiting for you immediately on installation (known as the ‘Krotos Factory Content’).

This is supplied as a separate download from the main Reformer Pro installer.

These Libraries include:

Air Vent
Bengal Tiger
Black Leopard
Bubble Wrap
Concrete Foot Slides
Debris Pebbles
Debris Rock Dust
Electrical Sparks
Electromagnetic Pickup
Electronic Pro
Fire Gestures Windy
Fruit and Veg
Fruit and Veg Crunch
Fruit and Veg Squash
Fruit and Veg Stabs
Glass Foley
Grass Rustling
Gun Foley
Ice Debris
Jacket Foley
Leather Foley
Plate Armour
Shoes On Leaves and Twigs
Snow Debris
Water Splashing
Waterproofs Foley

Size Unpacked: 3.82 GB
Sample Rate: 96/192kHz

Looking for even more variety? All Reformer libraries are compatible with Reformer Pro.

Shop the entire range of libraries available for Reformer Pro here

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