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All Krotos VST/AU/AAX plugins now fully support iLok for copy protection. This is an industry-standard solution (provided by PACE), which has been requested by our customers for many years. We have chosen to use this option as it both protects our software and offers a highly flexible way of managing your plugin license.

Until recently, you needed an iLok USB enabled smart key device to use the iLok system. However, due to improvements in the iLok system, you can now activate and use and even move your licenses between computers using a cloud-based solution. So no USB key is needed if you don’t want to use one.

A single iLok can store up to 500 separate licenses (2nd Generation), or 118 separate licenses (1st Generation). You can have licenses from multiple software publishers on the same iLok, and multiple iLoks can be connected to a computer to authorize software products. The iLok is portable, convenient, and hassle-free.

Please note that Krotos plugins currently do not support iLok Cloud Sessions (this is new functionality added by PACE in 2018)

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