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Dehumaniser 2 isn’t just great for processing previously recorded dialogue, but you can also process it in real-time. This is great for live situations where the actor’s performance is important and the voice processing needs to work along with it.

We have made capturing live audio simple and easy for you. Depending on your Digital Audio Workstation, different names for the settings we are using may occur, but it is the same process no matter which one you use. For this tutorial, I will be describing how to set up live mic input in Reaper, but will provide examples of another couple of DAW’s that might be used.

Firstly, ensure that your live mic is sending a signal to your DAW, it is up to you how you route your audio, just ensure the armed track is receiving from the correct mic.

Once you are receiving the live mic input to your audio track go to the FX button on this track (Inserts drop-down on Pro Tools or Nuendo) and choose Dehumaniser 2 from the plugins menu. This will apply it directly to your audio track.

Choose a Dehumaniser 2 preset you like, or start with the default, to craft the sound you want. To test the processing, and ensure you have the exact settings you want before going live, activate Input Monitoring by clicking the small speaker symbol on your track in Reaper (or in Pro Tools the I symbol, Nuendo small speaker symbol as well etc.). This will allow you to hear the live input being processed in real-time.

After this record, arm the track and the dialogue input will be the processed live. You can then record these live performances directly onto your audio track for editing and mixing later. If you are doing a live stage performance, send the audio track to the main output and you are good to go.

You may want actors or performers to hear it back at the same time. Simply route a send from your Dehumaniser 2 processed track to your foldback monitors or hearback system that you are running.

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