Reformer libraries seem to take up a lot of disk space, can I do anything about this? Back to knowledge base

Like most sample-based tools, Reformer requires a certain amount of disk space to function properly. Reformer also creates a series of libraries for each sample rate you may choose to use in your DAW. If you are confident you will not need to use some of these sample rates for this (or all) Reformer library during your workflow, you can delete the library specifically used at this sample rate. For example, you may choose to delete the library for 88200khz if you are unlikely to use this sample rate.

You can delete these libraries at the following locations:

  • On Mac: /Library/Application Support/Krotos/Reformer/Library/Reformer Libraries//Clustering
  • On Windows: C:\ProgramData\Krotos\Reformer\Library\Reformer Libraries

If you need to use these sample rates at a later date, you can run the installer for that particular library to place all the content back in this location.

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