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Krotos Sound Design Bundles

We offer two variations of our Sound Design Bundle, unique offering from Krotos, which include our flagship products bundled together at a discounted price. 

Sound Design Bundle 1 includes: Dehumaniser II, Reformer Pro (including the Krotos Bundle) and Weaponiser Fully Loaded.

Sound Design Bundle 2 includes: Dehumaniser II, Reformer Pro (including the Krotos Bundle), Weaponiser Fully Loaded, Igniter Full Tank, Footsteps Bundle and Battle Bundle.

See a comparison between the two.

These bundle offers a powerful solution for all your sound design needs for your projects. These unique plugins offer powerful and high speed design of creature sounds, foley, SFX, weapons, vehicles*, footsteps*, combat sounds* and much more.

*only available in Sound Design Bundle 2.

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If you already own one or more Krotos product you can get a discount for upgrading to our bundles. Find the right upgrade path for you here, or contact our support team for assistance.

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