Software & Sound Effect Bundles

Our custom bundles offer the best value and give you the most flexible, efficient and creative workflows by combining our plugin catalogue with additional Sound Effects libraries at 30% savings. With three tiers available, choose a package suitable for your needs and budget.

Sound Design Bundle

3 plugins | Over 9.5 GB 

10,945 sounds

$1,198.80inc. VAT

Sound Design Bundle 2

4 plugins | Over 78 GB

16,799 sounds

Krotos Everything Bundle

5 plugins | Over 100 GB

23,905 sounds

Free Sound Design Bundle 2 Demo

All Krotos plugins are ready to go with a free 10 day demo.

Try the Sound Design Bundle 2 demo to trial the full package in your own projects.

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Upgrade from Existing Krotos Products

Already own a Krotos product and ready to add more power, speed and creativity to your sound design process? Whether you’re upgrading from Simple Monsters, or you’re a Reformer Pro power-user, there’s an upgrade path to suit a wide range of needs and budgets.

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