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A Reformer library has two sections; the audio files and the preference files that relate to working at different sample rates.

From Reformer v1.1.0, you can install the audio files from a Reformer library to a custom location. You can also choose to install a custom selection of preference files for different sample rates to reduce the footprint of Reformer’s libraries on your local disk.

Reformer requires certain preference files to be installed for each audio sample rate your DAW may run at. We recommend you install all the relevant sample rate files when you first run your installer, unless you are very concerned about disk space. If you try to run Reformer at a sample rate you have not installed preference files, you will be greeted by an error message. You can run your installer again at any time and install the missing files if you need to use this particular sample rate.

During the install procedure for any Reformer Libraries you purchase, you can choose to the sample rates you require, and skip any others you do not intend to use. For example, if you are not intending to work at high sample rates (such as 176400khz or 192000khz), then you can ignore these from your installer procedure. For larger libraries, or library bundles, this can have a big impact on the disk space Reformer Libraries can take up.


On OS X, choose the selection of sample rates you are likely to work at from the collapsible menu.


Choose the location for the audio files from the ‘Location’ drop-down:



On Windows, simply follow the installer procedure, and click on ‘Browse’ to select a location for the audio files.


And check/uncheck your selection of sample rates from the appropriate page

Re-linking to missing files from Reformer

If you find that audio files used by Reformer are missing or have been moved, you can manually re-link to them from the plugin.

If you try to load a Reformer library where files are missing, you will see this popup.

Simply click ‘Find’ and navigate to the new location for the files on your computer. Reformer will then remember this location for next time. You will now be able to use your library as before.

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