How do I route and render Weaponiser’s individual engines in Ableton Live? Back to knowledge base

Simply add Weaponiser to a midi track. Create four new audio tracks, and rename then to receive the audio from each engine (e.g. Onset, Body, Thump, Tail).

In the I/O section, choose ‘Weaponiser’ as the input, and then the appropriate engine in the second drop-down menu.

Do this for all the engines you would like to route, and arm these tracks.

Press ‘Record’ in Live’s main transport, and fire weaponiser’s main ‘Fire’ button from the UI, or trigger a midi note at C4. This will trigger all the engines in the plugin (if none are muted or soloed) and route the audio to the individual audio tracks you have setup, and record the output to the timeline.

To render or export these tracks, solo one at a time, and export as normal.

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