I can’t get Reformer Pro’s Dynamic Input to work in Logic. Back to knowledge base

Using Reformer Pro’s Dynamic Input in Logic Pro, on an ‘Audio Track’, will only work if there is already an audio file on the track. In order to get audio to playback without the use of a sound file, you will need to use Logic Pro’s ‘AU MIDI-controlled Effects’.
You can do this by creating a ‘Software Instrument Track’. After this you can go to the ‘Instrument’ insert option on the track. Clicking on ‘Instrument’ will open a drop down menu, at the bottom of which, is the option ‘AU MIDI-controlled Effects’.
By following this extended menu options you will be able to add and instrument version of Reformer Pro to your Logic Pro session.
AU MIDI-controlled Effects > Krotos > Reformer Pro > Mono/Stereo
The Dynamic Input will now work in Logic Pro without the need for audio.

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