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Dehumaniser 2 is our plug-in that integrates into Digital Audio Workstations such as Reaper, Pro Tools, Logic etc. It has modules that you can connect to together and with EQ’s, gates and compressors along with granular synthesiser, pitch shifters, delay unity, ring modulators and flanger/chorus. Other modules include scrubbing convolution which manipulates incoming audio with sample envelopes or the sample trigger which comes with a sample library of animal sounds or you can even import your own. You can combine all of these together to create unique processing for audio, turning dialogue into Monsters, Robots or other creatures, that you have on a track in your DAW. As well as this there is a selection of presets designer by our audio team at Krotos, or you can create and save your own presets. Finally, while Dehumaniser 2 does not internally support batch processing, you can use it with most batch processors to process a collection of assets.

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Dehumaniser Pro Extended is our standalone software. Load in the audio you want to process and you can use all the audio processing modules such as pitch shifter, granular synthesiser, animal convolution, sample trigger and many other modules. There is also and EQ, compressor gate and dry/wet control of effects. These are all available in the advanced mode which comes with Pro Extended. There is also a simple mode where you can shift between already created presets, designed by our audio team at Krotos, or create your own presets to mix between. Finally, Dehumaniser Pro Extended internally supports batch processing.

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