Dehumaniser Lite, Pro or Pro Extended gets stuck on the ‘Loading’ screen on OS X Back to knowledge base

  • Go to finder > Go, press and hold the Alt key and a Library option should appear. Go to library/application support/ and delete the folder Dehumaniser Pro Extended/Dehumaniser Pro/Dehumaniser Lite
  • Install – Run and activate the software again

If you have issues with the Online Authorisation or if you have ran out of license activations, you can use the Offline Authorisation.

To do this you will need to open the software and choose the Offline Authorisation option in the activation menu. When you are in Offline Authorisation you can then select the option to ‘Generate a Challenge Key’. Please send this Challenge Key to Customer Support here, detailing which product you generated the Challenge Key for. One of our Support Staff will create a Username and Password for you to unlock the software.

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