Can I use my license of Dehumaniser 2 or Simple Monsters in different locations? Back to knowledge base

Yes, you can use an iLok, and iLok License Manager to move your license between different computers.

If you plan to be moving between studios or computers regularly, we recommend purchasing an iLok dongle and moving your license onto it. That way all you need to do is install Dehumaniser on a new computer and connect your iLok dongle to use the software. You can download installers for Dehumaniser by logging into your user account. You can order an iLok 2 dongle at iLok.

To move your Dehumaniser license without a dongle, log into your iLok account using your User ID, and you will find your license in the main window. If you have activated your license on your local machine (the computer you are currently on), click on the appropriate icon on the left-hand side (under ‘Local’). It will appear in the main window. You can now click and drag it onto the icon for your iLok dongle (if connected) which will appear on the left-hand side. You can also click and drag on your license and drop it on to the blue window with your User ID. This will deactivate your license from the local machine (the computer you are currently using) and move your license back to the cloud. By moving to a different computer, and logging into your iLok account using the iLok License Manager, you can drag the license back from the cloud to another computer.

NB – You will only be able to use your license on one computer at a time.

To access your iLok account and to manage your license (and move it to and from the cloud) you will need to be connected to the internet.

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