Can I use the Dehumaniser Standalones with Cubase or Nuendo? Back to knowledge base

Using Dehumaniser in Cubase and Nuendo is easy. Just follow our quick guide to setting up your project.

  • Download and install Jack Audio from the following link: Jack Audio
  • See this for setting up “Jack”
  • Open both Dehumaniser and Cubase / Nuendo
  • In Dehumaniser go to menubar “Settings” -> “Audio Settings” and select “JackRouter” for your Audio Driver
  • In Cubase / Nuendo go to menubar “Devices”-> “Device Setup”-> “VST Audio System” and select “JackRouter” as your Audio Driver
  • Open “Jack PortAudio” and then “Jack Control”
  • In the “Jack Control” panel, press the “Connections” button

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